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Civil Engineering

Residential Subdivisions, Multi-Family Developments, Hotels, Office Buildings, Schools, Hospitals, Sports Facilities and more

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Aerial View Neighborhood Planning


Conceptual Layouts, Preliminary Planning, Final Land Planning, Development Cost Estimating, and more

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Consulting services


Feasibility Studies, Platting, Zoning Changes, Development Agreements, Master Plan Amendments, and more

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experts in civil engineering solutions

At York Engineering we focus on the land development aspects of Civil Engineering. Our scope of work begins underground and goes up to the building pad. Specifically, we provide design services for Site Paving and Grading, as well as Water, Sanitary Sewer, and Storm Drainage utilities.

effective planning solutions

Planning is one of the most important stages of any project. Before a development moves forward, or sometimes before land is purchased, a plan should be mapped out. This is how a developer will know what the land can produce, how much development cost to expect, and how much profit may be anticipated.

consulting with expert advice

Land Development can be complicated. But don’t worry, we are here to guide you through the process, and help you make informed decisions to achieve the most efficient solutions for your project. Our expert knowledge of the processes and the codes and ordinances will allow us to find the path of least resistance, and the most economical path forward for your project.

York Engineering…Experts in Land Development